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noun | Pol·ly·an·na

A person characterised by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything.

Definition by Merriam-Webster

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Why On Earth That Name?

Ha.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked that question.

The honest truth is, my name ‘Lynette Lim’ is rather common. There’s a Lynette Lim who’s a national swimmer; another is a senior management corporate executive and Lord knows who else. Just google it.

So that left me with the choice of naming this consulting business something else other than my own name. 

I love the word ‘Pollyanna’ – I think it sums up my personality and that’s why I decided to go with that. 

– Lynette Lim, Founder –

Who are we?

Lynette Lim

Lynette Lim

Consultant & Founder

Lynette began her career in retail – covering aspects of brand management, marketing, merchandising, retail operations and private label development. She has since then moved into the entrepreneurial space, starting her own multi-label footwear retail business, and now in digital marketing consulting work specialising in business solutions, email marketing and branding. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Some fun facts…

  • I founded and ran a footwear and accessories retail business for 15 years called SOLE 2 SOLE. We were the exclusive retailers  for leading British labels French Sole and Lulu Guinness; and the distributor for international cult footwear label United Nude.
  • Before SOLE 2 SOLE came along, I worked as a Product Manager in a company that held the distributorship and agency rights for the Italian luxury footwear label, Bruno Magli. Part of my work included overseeing the regional franchise accounts and the local retail operations.
  • When retail conditions in Singapore proved too challenging, I went back to corporate life and worked on digital and branding projects in the Corporate Marketing department of Singapore Management University (SMU).
  • I realised I loved working on projects and started to gain the skills to allow me the flexibility to work from anywhere, so yes, I am a big fan of the gig economy!
  • I am a self-confessed shoe queen… at one point, I had over 40 pairs of shoes hidden under my work desk (the benefit of being sample size!).
  • With a career like mine, you’d think I have a business degree, but actually no, my university major was Art History and Literature (creative and research based at heart…)
  • Read more about my thoughts on entrepreneurship, life and digital marketing on my blog
Mayen Pane

Mayen Pane


Trained in graphic design and having started out as an art director in advertising agencies, Mayen has since gone on to hold regional and global level marketing roles in various companies. She includes brand management, marketing communications, campaign management, copywriting and event management in her set of skills.

Some fun facts…

  • While in college, I had been roped in by an ad agency that was launching Delifrance in Singapore to deliver fresh baguettes to CEOs around the island. We were dressed in 1960’s French chic complete with cat’s eye sunglasses and head scarf. Enthralled by the fun of it all, I ditched my dreams of becoming a lawyer and decided to go into advertising instead, much to my parents’ despair.
  • I moved to the client side (or the Dark Side as ad people would say) when I joined Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as their Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific looking after a portfolio of 20 properties. Part of my remit included organising photo shoots in exotic locations, which saw me deluged with offers from friends to accompany me as assistant/porter/coffee maker. Trust me, there’s nothing glamorous about doing a pre-opening shoot on a construction site with no working toilets or running water.
  • When I was doing business development for a multi-discipline company, one of the clients of the design arm was a sex toy manufacturer. The team would sit around in a bar brainstorming names for new products. ‘Armadildo’ is still one of my favourites.
  • After moving to Melbourne, I was hired as the Group Marketing Manager for the Beddison Group, overseeing the brand management and marketing of 4 recruitment firms. Subsequently, I began working on a project basis with various non-profit organisations such as Wildlife Victoria and TreeProject Inc. I also started partnering with Pollyanna Consulting, primarily to work on strategy and copywriting. That’s become a beautiful long-distance relationship.
  • Having to use public transport and walk a lot more in Melbourne meant that this former shoe queen had to give up her 5 inch stilettos for sensible sneakers, practical flats, and low-heeled boots. It broke my heart to give away my beauties (sad face).

"Pollyanna Consulting worked with us to run multiple Quiz Funnel campaigns on social media that directly led to more than a thousand suitable leads that we were subsequently able to pursue."

Colin Millward, Managing Director
Knight Griffin Pte Ltd

“Our website traffic has greatly increased and many of our clients now reference our website as an initial point of contact with our company. Also, they have a good overview of our products and services at one glance now."

Persis Sho, Business Development
Greenology Pte Ltd

“Working with PC has allowed us to raise awareness of our Society, enrol new members and engage better with our existing members."

Lim Tat, Chairman
Society of Mediation Professionals, Singapore

"We are delighted with the company’s responsiveness, attention to detail, understanding of our requirements and delivering quality outcomes."

Desti Saint, Founder
Desti Saint Pte Ltd

Our Work

We work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and course creators who are in the lifestyle, business management and personal development space.

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Have you a content marketing strategy in place? Are you and your team at a loss as to what to do to continually grow and engage your audience?

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Do you know what characterizes an ideal individual buyer or influencer for your business? How consistent is your targeting and messaging?

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Is it challenging for you to attract the right audience in order to market your product or service? How effective is the ROI on your ads?

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