How To Build A Brand

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Establish the purpose behind your brand

Then decide on the product or service that best delivers this purpose. For example, if you want to help new mums get back into shape after their pregnancies, you can create healthy meal plans, online real-time exercise classes, and set up a support group that meets weekly on Zoom. You can then sell different membership packages.

Research your competitors

Find a strong point of differentiation that your brand can stand for. It could be that you have different meal plans to cater to women with different food intolerances, with halal versions as well.

Determine your target audience

Be focused. Remember that you can’t be everything to everyone. If your original idea was to start online exercise classes for women, you’d face a lot of competition with nothing unique to make you stand out. By switching your focus to post-pregnancy mums, you’ve found a niche that makes marketing far more effective.

Formulate a brand mission statement

Keeping your brand purpose in mind helps ensure that all branding, marketing, product development and new initiatives align with the mission.

Outline the key qualities and benefits of your brand

Importantly, also determine the values that your brand stands for. Your benefits could be healthy meals planned by nutritionists, and exercise classes conducted by a specialist trained in post-partum exercises. Your values could be about empowering women to take control of their physical, emotional and mental health.

Identify your brand personality

This informs the tone-of-voice of all your messaging. Are you a confident expert? The friendly, chatty, girl-next-door type? Perhaps you’re adventurous and love exploring new ideas and techniques? Try this quiz to find out your brand personality.

Create a business name

While brainstorming names, always google them – www.(your company name).com – to see if it’s already been taken. Also check domain registration sites to find out if they’re available.

Create your brand logo

Play around with ideas through this instant logo-creating site, or hire an online designer.

Finally, get in touch with Pollyanna Consulting to craft your brand and marketing strategies to drive business!

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