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by | Sep 28, 2020 | From Lynette

Hello There

If you’ve landed here it’s because we’ve been keeping in touch via my old business email under SOLE 2 SOLE.

As the founder of SOLE 2 SOLE, it was with heartache that I had to make the decision to stop the business in 2016. We sold some pretty amazing products, had the privilege of representing some very unique footwear and accessory brands and most importantly, we built a wonderful community of customers – our Sole Sistas.

Unfortunately we were struggling to keep a brick and mortar business afloat, and run an eCommerce store (which is a whole different ball game, by the way). The local retail environment was challenging to say the least, in short, the business model was not sustainable.

Whilst I had options open like develop my own range of footwear or bags, and move deeper into the eCommerce space, I just did not have the energy anymore. In short, I was suffering from burn-out.

Pollyanna Consulting | Laptop + Pencil holder + notebooks on desk in pink

Fast forward to 2020, the company SOLE2SOLE Pte Ltd still exists, however we now provide digital marketing consulting services, focusing in the area of lead generation, content marketing and branding.

We have set up a new brand, Pollyanna Consulting, it’s a boutique agency and we work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and course creators. That’s not to say I’m kissing my retail background goodbye.. we do have clients from the fashion industry, and we support them in their online business either through developing a content marketing strategy, social media planning or building a quiz funnel to generate qualified leads for their business.

During lockdown, I took the opportunity to review my business systems and tools, such as testing out various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms.

Which comes to the reason for this post…

If you’d like to still keep in touch with me, I’ll be communicating to you via my new business email from Pollyanna Consulting.

So please fill in the form below and your contact records will be updated automatically!

I hope we can continue to stay in touch. As for my past business partners turned friends in the UK and Italy, I hope we’ll be able to meet again when the current situation improves. Ci vediamo dopo!

Thank you so much!


Founder, Pollyanna Consulting and SOLE2SOLE

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Lynette Lim

With her background in retail, eCommerce, sales, marketing and branding, Lynette decided to take these skills acquired over two decades, to help fellow entrepreneurs start their online business. A self-confessed tech geek, she loves researching tools on how to run a business more efficiently. 

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