The 30-Day Content Marketing Plan EBook


A 30-day blueprint to creating a content marketing strategy that converts.


Not sure where to start with creating effective ‘catchy’ content or trying to find some structure around creating content that’s, right now, such a random process? This 70-page eBook contains a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the world of content marketing.

What you will discover within:

  1. How to define your content marketing goals
  2. Researching and understanding your audience
  3. How to conduct keyword research
  4. Plan out your content calendar
  5. Content creation
  6. Setting up your social media accounts
  7. How to re-purpose your content
  8. How to set up Google Analytics
  9. Start publishing on social media and start building a following
  10. Other ways to grow your reach through partnerships

And what happens Day 31 and beyond.