Customer Segmentation

Case Study

Corporate Training Provider

The client, Business Evaluation Centre, had marketing challenges involving lead generation.  Through a series of exercises, we identified four main customer personas. This allowed them to craft targeted messages to engage their prospects, resulting in an increase in email leads.


Identify Key Customer Personas

We worked with the client on identifying the profiles of their key customers, understanding their pain points and creating a ‘persona’ for each of them.

Implement a CRM

We put a CRM in place so that each contact could be tagged according to their persona. This enabled them to send targeted messages to nurture and engage. Within a month, the client saw a 12% increase in email leads; attributed to opt-ins from a cold list and via the website form.

Optimise the Website

Optimisation actions included addressing UX issues, creating relevant content, identifying keywords for SEO. This resulted in improved metrics such as a 4% decrease in exit drop over a period of 3 months.

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