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Quiz Funnel Accelerator

Unlock the Secrets to Building and Implementing a Powerful Data-Driven Quiz Funnel in 4 Weeks or Less, and Supercharge Your Lead Generation Efforts for Consistent, Predictable, and High-Converting Leads


Draw in your target audience through engaging quiz content that sparks curiosity and interest.


Categorise and understand your leads based on their quiz responses, so you can tailor your marketing efforts with precision.


Implement your data-driven quiz funnel that drives consistent, predictable, and high-converting leads to your business.

What we do for you

Strategic Lead Assessment

Engage in a deep-dive analysis, carried out live—virtually or in-person—to pinpoint exactly how a quiz funnel can revolutionise your lead acquisition. Within a focused one-week duration, we will craft a tailored blueprint that aligns seamlessly with your business goals, ensuring you’re on the fast track to high-converting leads.

1:1 Quiz Funnel Architecting

Transform your understanding and implementation of quiz funnels with our 1:1 Quiz Funnel Architecting sessions. Receive dedicated professional advice to master the art of quiz-based lead generation. Benefit from personalised guidance that hones your strategy and empowers you to capture the high-quality leads your business deserves.

Turnkey Quiz Builder Service

Our done-for-you service includes the complete construction of your quiz funnel, operational for the entire duration of your project. Seize this opportunity to integrate a powerful lead generation tool into your business without diverting focus from your core operations.

Also includes…

Lead Conversion Impact Report

  • Understand the effectiveness of your quiz funnel with clear, actionable data.
  • Benefit from expert analysis that pinpoints areas for improvement and celebrates your successes.
  • Establish a foundation for ongoing optimization with a thorough post-implementation review.

Seamless Systems Sync Service

  • Integrate your quiz funnel with key marketing tools, enhancing the precision and reach of your lead generation efforts.
  • Access the power of advanced analytics to understand your audience better and make informed marketing decisions.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive support and professional tools that streamline your path to success.

Ready to supercharge your lead generation with our Quiz Funnel Accelerator service?

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Pollyanna Consulting Team

About Us

Lead generation is the name of the game. Our team comprises of talented individuals with a wealth of experience in developing digital marketing strategies behind building funnels, online launches, content marketing and branding. Together, we are dedicated to helping small business owners, coaches, consultants, and experts scale their businesses through successful quiz funnel implementations.

"Pollyanna Consulting worked with us to run multiple Quiz Funnel campaigns on social media that directly led to more than a thousand suitable leads that we were subsequently able to pursue."

Colin Millward, Managing Director
Knight Griffin Pte Ltd

“Our website traffic has greatly increased and many of our clients now reference our website as an initial point of contact with our company. Also, they have a good overview of our products and services at one glance now."

Persis Sho, Business Development
Greenology Pte Ltd

“Working with PC has allowed us to raise awareness of our Society, enrol new members and engage better with our existing members."

Lim Tat, Chairman
Society of Mediation Professionals, Singapore

"We are delighted with the company’s responsiveness, attention to detail, understanding of our requirements and delivering quality outcomes."

Desti Saint, Founder
Desti Saint Pte Ltd


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