The Advantages Of Using a Quiz Funnel In Your Business

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Marketing funnels have become a buzzword in the digital marketing space.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you most likely have a working funnel mainly responsible for generating leads for you.

However, have you ever considered shifting to using quiz funnels instead?

Read on and find out how using quizzes will benefit you and your business in the long run.

Marketing Funnel vs Quiz Funnel

Marketing funnels are used by business owners to put their potential clients in a customer buying journey from the time they become aware of your product or service up to the time they actually decide to buy. 

The funnel basically filters out all the potential customers as they go through the buying journey hence, even if you have 1000 people visiting your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will become your clients. 

It all starts with you putting your lead magnet out there to capture your audience’s attention enough for them to give you their precious email, after which you can send them emails in order to get to know them better. Your goal here is to eventually make a sale which is done through a series of emails that you send them once they are inside your list.

If you have more details about them, don’t you think that it would be easier for you to sell them your products and/or services because you already know their interests and needs even before you do your sales pitch?

That’s easily doable with Quiz Funnels.

With Quiz funnels, you are using a quiz in order to give them the most appropriate lead magnet and offer that you have in order to convince them to give you their email address.

When these potential customers land on your website, you encourage them to take your quiz where you have a chance of knowing their interests, challenges, and needs. Since the experience is more personalized and albeit more exciting, chances are they will most likely finish answering the quiz and give you their email address at the end. 

Once this is done, you can then send them a product/service recommendation that you deem most fit for their needs. When their needs and wants match with your offer, there’s a big chance that you’ll convert them from lurkers to buyers and even loyal clients!

If you’re able to consistently do this, your business will surely grow by leaps and bounds!

Are you now thinking of using Quiz funnels to achieve your business goals?

Here are more reasons to do so!

Cheaper cost per lead

Since quizzes are more engaging and exciting, more people willingly complete it compared to the usual marketing forms. This gives you higher conversion rates compared to doing the usual marketing form where all they do is fill in their name and email then wait for the lead magnet to land in their inbox.

Powerful segmentation

The data that you collect includes people’s needs, wants, problems, challenges, and interests. Having all this will give you the power to analyze what your potential clients truly want so that you can innovate and/or improve your product lines before you even begin pitching to every single subscriber in your list. This will lead to higher conversion rates because you were able to identify their needs and wants immediately (without being nosy).

In their eyes, you become more valuable because you are able to give them what it is that they really want without even forcing them to! This makes selling to them easier and effortless which directly converts to more sales and income, and eventually growth for your business!

Our client in the corporate training business discovered more about their audience through their quiz, this allowed them to fine-tune their offers and focus their efforts on producing programmes that their customers wanted.

The landing page of our client’s quiz

Build personal relationships

Quiz funnels allow you to build personal connections with your subscribers because you already know a lot about them before officially welcoming them in your list! Since the emotional connection is already there, people would most likely want to know more about what it is you’re offering.

Last but not the least, quiz funnels enable you as the business owner to pivot as the need arises because you’re able to see the results instantly and make the necessary adjustments whenever you see that something isn’t working.

Improve SEO rankings

This kind of funnel reduces your bounce rate which can potentially improve your SEO rankings. Once you nail your questions to ensure that your audience stays on your website in order to take the quiz (and actually finish it), it sends a message to Google (or other search engines) that these people are more engaged with your quiz compared to other sites which significantly increases the chances of them getting hooked on your content which in turn inspires them to share it with others! This is exactly what happens when we take those little quizzes on Facebook and we share our results to our network for them to experience the quiz for themselves.

Serve your ideal prospects better

With all the data in your hands, you can focus on the “right” people and give them what they want and need. You can put your energy, resources, and time into ensuring that you do everything you can for the people who are really interested in your product/service. When you give people what they want, they will most likely be your raving fans and brand advocates!

Generates interest in your products and boost sales

Through interaction with your potential customer, you are able to give them a quick yet cost-effective way to engage with your business. It personalizes the experience allowing you to give your potential client a  product recommendation that resonates directly with them since you already have the information beforehand. This will most likely excite the client giving them the “high” that will push them to buy from you sooner than later! This can definitely double or triple your sales conversion!

Now that you’ve learned the numerous benefits of quiz funnels, you can already use this as a starting point to build one for your business. Start doing your research about your target audience so that you will be able to create a quiz that will draw out the information that you need from them in order to lead them to the final destination in their buying journey which is the sale!

However, don’t forget that you should also have the complete assets to make your quiz funnel a success. These are traffic, quiz landing page, lead capture page, results with CTA, a follow-up/welcome sequence. Without these, your funnel will not return favorable results no matter how technically perfect your quiz funnel is. No traffic means no one will answer your quiz which means that there will be no leads entering your pipeline – the story goes on and on. 

Once you have all these in place, all that’s left is to see your business grow into what you envisioned it to be!

Now that you’ve learned the many advantages quiz funnels can offer, how can you leverage them for your specific business needs? Schedule your free Quiz Funnel Accelerator consultation today! We’ll analyse your unique needs and goals, then craft a personalised quote for a data-driven quiz funnel designed to supercharge your lead generation.

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