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At this point, you’re already starting to delegate some of your tasks to a lean but mean team of contractors, freelancers, and some full-time staff.

You’re slowly but surely letting go of control so you can focus your energy working on the business.

Email Service Provider


If you want to win customers’ hearts and minds, be one with the 150,000 businesses that use campaigns to achieve this. The platform allows you to create wonderful customer experiences through their email marketing, automation, and CRM tools. Their focus is on generating more customers and sales by helping you attract them, keep them, ultimately growing your revenue! With their customer experience automation, ActiveCampaign ensures that each customer touchpoint does its job seamlessly in order to convert your prospects to clients. Not only that, their automation system helps you keep your clients around enough to turn them into raving fans who play a pivotal role in taking your business to the next level.


From simply generating more leads, to simplifying your processes, or building a website, Hubspot has the solution to help your business grow better. Their all-in-one marketing software will give you everything you need for your inbound marketing campaigns, productivity-boosting tools, and sales tools to increase sales conversions! Each product is already good on its own; however, it’s when you use them together where you get to experience how powerful this platform is! It’s a platform that unites software and community to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow every single day.

Funnel Builder


With 107,000 users under their belt, ClickFunnels helps business owners get their products and messages out of the world. It is both a website and a Sales Funnel builder made specifically for entrepreneurs in order for them to grow their business online! A reliable sales funnel is important so that the business is able to guide your “visitors” step by step throughout the buying process so that they don’t end up lost and confused. Everything you need to market and sell online is built inside ClickFunnels. Last but not the least, you don’t need to worry if you don’t know a thing about coding because they have a simple drag and drop web page editor! You can easily access everything you need in one simple dashboard.


Do you know that this platform can replace 14 of your favorite apps allowing you to save up over $17,506 in subscription costs every year? If you’re using ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi, Vimeo, Shopify, Everwebinar, and Streamyard – GrooveFunnels has all these and more! No matter what you’re doing – building brand websites and funnels, selling digital and ecommerce products, email marketing and automation, look no further because GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one Digital Marketing Automation platform and CRM! This is the right platform for you if you don’t want to keep on taping different services together and while paying thousands of dollars monthly to keep your online business running smoothly.

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Project Management


Ever heard of the quote “An organized desk is an organized mind”? I believe that’s true. Given the thousand and one things that business owners manage day to day, having an organized “online workspace” helps one finish the tasks at hand without feeling overwhelmed. Notion allows you to collaborate in real time, embed your current tools, and keep your notes and docs organized. Since everything is one place, anyone can find what he or she needs on her own. This cuts down the productivity interruptions and instead contributes to the overall efficiency of the company. Everyone sees the whole picture while using a common tool thereby empowering the whole team!


Awarded as the number one project management app by G2, Nifty allows teams to collaborate on projects and manage tasks seamlessly. Using one powerful app – you can manage your team chat, roadmaps, documents, and files in one place. Since all the important features used for project management are in one place, the teams are able to deliver milestones in a timely manner, ensuring that goals are met on schedule. Nifty’s roadmap that automates its progress based on task completion proved to be valuable even for companies like IBM.

Video Editing


Are you looking for a video editor that will allow you to transform your videos into a piece of art without the technical know-how? Filmora is your best bet next to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. With this app, you can rotate, merge, trim, split, and crop videos with minimal effort. There are 800+ stylish effects you can choose from if you want to beautify your precious videos. You even have access to advanced editing features like green screen, pan and zoom, color tuning, split screen, and many more that usually only professionals have access to! It even allows you to import and export in almost any format allowing you to share your movie any way you want.

Video Hosting


It’s no surprise that Vimeo is known as the world’s leading all-in-one video solution given the professional quality videos that a lot of us are able to through the easy-breezy use of this platform. With over 230M+ users, 1.6M+ subscribers, and around 350k new videos added per day, the platform allows creative professionals to beautifully share their work to the world. However, Vimeo is not just a viewing destination. It’s also a place for creative professionals and enterprises to make and market awesome and impactful videos. No matter what purpose you need your video for, Vimeo has everything you need to get it done.



Given that Digital transformation has accelerated the growth of Digital Platforms, cyber security in this day and age has become more crucial than ever. With millions of data going around the Internet every second, everyone, especially online entrepreneurs need to ensure that their digital assets are secured all the time. This platform allows you to manage your passwords while life is happening – anywhere, anytime. This platform simplifies password management while ensuring that your identity is protected online. Data breaches will become a thing of the past because you’ll instantly get alerts if your personal information is at risk.

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