Top 7 Email Marketing Service Providers for Small Businesses in 2023

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Once a loyal audience is built, one that loves you and the information you send, you can, most likely, sell your audience anything you want. – Joe Pulizzi

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Studies show that emails work 40 times better than Social Media.

This means that for every $1 you spend in email marketing, you should expect a return of around $40.

Why is this possible?

You “own the list” therefore, you have full control over what you send to your potential clients, allowing you to directly communicate with them even if you do not see each other face to face.

Because of this personalized experience that you’re able to create for your subscribers – you increase engagement, deepen brand awareness, and eventually gain their trust.

Once this happens, you will most likely convert them to be your loyal followers and eventually, paying clients.

That’s the power of email marketing right there.

Given this, entrepreneurs should not overlook the importance of investing in an Email Marketing Service provider. 

Having a reliable service provider automates the marketing process – allowing you to spend less time on marketing and more time on your business. No need to manually send or design the emails, all these can be done using these platforms with built in tools that will definitely cut your email marketing time in half!

Below are some of the top email marketing service providers that you can start using this 2023:

  1. Active Campaign

Hailed as the #1 automation platform, Active Campaign has been used by small and medium enterprises in various industries, both B2B and B2C. Their main focus is to partner with you in growing your business through automated customer experience! They make it easy for you to run your marketing. You can easily set up a welcome series with email automation or use simple workflows to automate the marketing no one has time for.

Once you know what kind of email to send for your business, you can directly go to the drag-and-drop email designer that allows you to complete beautiful campaigns in minutes. After sending your emails, you can view a report to see which emails are performing and which ones are not. From there you can conduct split testing to increase your conversion rates.

Aside from the drag-and-drop design tools, Active campaign also uses email and marketing automation tools, dynamic content options, and social media integration like PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and  Facebook just to name a few.

One unique feature that they offer is the machine learning aspect that they integrate for sending emails, allowing each user to create unique content. Isn’t that cool?

Plans start at $9/month for 500 contacts.

  1. Drip
Drip Email Service Provider

Do you want to match your Ecommerce business with beautifully designed emails without demanding too much time from you? Drip may just be the perfect provider for you.

Drip’s powerful form creation tools enable you to create beautifully designed forms that allow you to customize every button, font, and style. You can even customize each form with your own branding, and control who gets to see them on each page of your website. The platform even allows you to customize forms for specific audiences. 

Feature wise, Drip also has drag-and-drop tools, customer segmentation tools, and social media and 3rd party tool integrations. They have a powerful visual workflow builder that lets you set your emails and other workflows in the background, giving you the opportunity to watch your customers engage with your brand once you’re done setting these up.

Price starts at $19/month where they only charge you based on the number of contacts you have.

  1. ConvertKit
ConvertKit Logo

Are you an online creator who can’t wait to share your ideas to the world?

This might just be the Email Marketing provider that you are looking for!

You can easily grow your audience by creating a landing page to promote your idea and letting them opt-in using the Email sign up form. If you see them subscribing, you’d know that you have a winning idea!

Once they’re inside your list, you can easily build a relationship with them through newsletters and great looking emails with valuable content that helps build trust and authority. Since you already know what is relevant to them, you can easily turn the trust you’ve built into sales.

Apart from the email automation and personalized content options, ConvertKit also allows you to do tag-based customer segmentation, and integrations with various 3rd party applications. One of their unique features is they let you send an unlimited number of emails to your contacts!

ConvertKit has free and paid plans that you can choose from. The cheapest paid plan starts at $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

  1. GetResponse
Get Response Logo

With 100,000+ businesses under their belt, GetResponse provides you with specific tools that you’ll need no matter who you are. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Online Marketer, and Marketing Manager, you will surely find something useful for your business on this platform.

From landing pages, sales funnels, and autoresponders, GetResponse has these features at your disposal. They got the “Inbound marketing solutions for what you need to do”.

If you’re an email marketer, they have a nice email editor that is organized and as one client would put it – “the UX is a dream come true”. Aside from the beautiful emails that you’re able to create, GetResponse boasts of 99% email deliverability so you can be sure that your emails land in your subscribers inboxes.

If you’re an online seller, you will surely benefit from their ready-to-go funnels. From generating traffic to converting them to paying customers, everything is already ready to use. You can even automatically trigger reminder messages for cart abandoners!

One of the important features of this platform is that you can send an unlimited number of emails to your list since the pricing model is based on the subscriber count. Add to this the mobile-friendly emails, dynamic content based customer segmentation, and integration with third party lead generation software and you’re ready to start automating your marketing in no time!

Their Basic Plan starts at $15 / month for a list size of 1,000.

  1. Constant Contact
Constant Contact Email Service Provider

From small businesses to non-profits, Constant Contact has grown to be one of the leaders in online marketing with the goal of helping up and coming business owners with their marketing so they can sell more online. Their business actually began from a cramped attic in 1995.

Constant Contact aims to help business owners in setting up their online store or website while leveraging social and search features to get new customers. They work with you as a partner to help you achieve the results that you want. 

Their email editor allows you to create and customize beautiful looking templates that result in email campaigns that look great on any device. On the other hand, their website builder empowers you to publish a website with no tech skills required! 

While the basic plan provides you with the tools you need for sign-up forms, apps and integrations, ecommerce marketing, tracking and reporting, their Email Plus plan adds polls, coupons, online donations, and new customer consultation to the mix!

They practically give you everything you need to start your online business!

Basic plan starts at $20 / month.

  1. Mailchimp
Mailchimp Email Service Provider

If you’re bootstrapping your business, Mailchimp might just be your partner in crime! With their “Forever Free” plan, you get to send your emails up to 2,000 subscribers using their email builder, forms, and landing pages!

The first step is to bring your contacts into the platform. Using that data, Mailchimp can give you insights about that data which you can use to communicate with them and make them love your brand. No contacts? You can start using the landing page builder to start gaining your audience! Once you have your list, you can start building your first campaign for them!

You can use the drag-and-drop builder to build emails in plain text or by using the pre-built layouts. Once done, you can begin sending these to your contacts and track to see if your email works! 

Mailchimp provides you everything you need to launch your vision even if you don’t know a thing about marketing. You can create unique customer journeys to deliver one of a kind experiences that will ultimately drive sales even if you’re just starting out. Not only that, you can easily customize, create, and promote your website using the platform!

The initial plan will cost you nothing, now isn’t that great for a start?

  1. AWeber
AWeber Logo

An email marketing software that does 90% of the job for you? AWeber is here to do just that!

The aim of the AWeber is to deliver powerfully-simple email marketing software for small businesses that allows them to have fun while realizing their dreams. They offer amazing email marketing solutions like being able design emails using Canva without ever leaving your AWeber account! 

Aside from having all the tools that you need in one place like landing pages and funnels, you also get to personalize your messages through scheduled messages, easy email segmentation, and tagging so you can easily send targeted emails to the right audiences. You can even automate email content by broadcasting blog posts as “newsletter”.

One of the unique aspects of this platform is its AI-powered email template designer. You will surely dig this if you’re just starting out because it makes the whole process of creating an email seem like a breeze!

Another good thing about AWeber is that they handle the email deliverability aspect from within meaning, they do not outsource it. They ensure that your email gets delivered at all costs.

Similar to Mailchimp, their basic plan comes at no cost to you. So if you’re just starting out, this is another provider that you can seriously consider.

With all these tools at arm’s reach, there is no reason for entrepreneurs or business owners not to get one! From list building, email sending, and selling – all these platforms will definitely contribute to your online marketing efforts, you just have to pick the one that suits your needs best. 

After all, having the right tool is imperative to successful completion of the task at hand. In addition, these tools will allow you (or even your employee) to complete the task efficiently which eventually leads to better productivity!

A highly productive company eventually becomes successful allowing the business to grow and thrive at all times.

Disclaimer: A few of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. Rest assured the fees are the same as what is published on the Providers’ websites. The commission I earn is payable by the Provider for promoting their services. Having said that, I will only promote tools that I have used.

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