What’s a Persona-Based Content Marketing Plan?

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Articles, Content Marketing

4 Reasons You Should Explore A Persona-Based Content Marketing Plan

There’s a reason why audience personas (also known as buyer personas or customer personas) are widely used in various marketing activities. They work. And here are four reasons why they’re an essential in your content marketing strategy:

1. You’ll understand their needs

Creating an audience persona isn’t as simple as creating an avatar and naming it. You’ll need to write down as many relevant details as you can to make this persona an accurate representative of your target audience.

You should include details such as their job title (sales manager; senior executive; housewife), their personal demographics (sex; age group; socio-economic status), their goals and challenges (eager to climb corporate ladder; always signing up for online courses; wants more free time for family), their values and fears (eco-conscious; afraid of being left behind by technology; losing ground to younger colleagues), and so much more.

When you have pinned down all these details, you’ll then be able to understand their needs and challenges more easily. And you’ll be able to craft content that will fulfill these needs.

2. You’ll know where they are in the customer journey

Having a sales funnel in place is important for brands of all sizes. And when you have a clear idea of your audience persona, and their mindset, you’ll have better insights into which stage of the funnel they’re in at any time. This will allow you to customize very relevant content for them. 

Are they still in the Awareness or Consideration stage? Or are they about to make a Decision? Create content based on these stages and lead your persona down your funnel.

3. You can build a better marketing plan

It would be almost impossible to develop a successful marketing plan if you don’t really know who your audience is. A great deal of time, effort and money could be wasted on pushing out a marketing plan that proves too generic and fails to attract the right attention.

Not everyone gets it right from the start. Often a lot of tweaking is needed to fine-tune a marketing strategy. As you get to know and understand your audience better, you’ll be able to add more details to your audience persona. This in turn will enable you to hone your marketing plan to address your audience’s needs and problems, and eventually win their engagement.

4. You’ll get better and more qualified leads

When you’re targeting the right kind of people, then it follows that you’ll also be getting better and more qualified leads. You won’t waste time and money trying to nurture an audience that is never going to convert and buy. Instead, you’ll be growing your mailing list as more people sign up to become your customer or client simply because you were able to address their needs. All thanks to your persona-based marketing plan!  

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