Why Bucket.io is the Best Quiz Funnel Builder

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Articles, Tools

Catching people’s attention gets challenging by the day.

With everybody else working from home or any other location where there’s an internet connection, convincing people to buy from you is getting harder because everyone else is online 24/7 since the pandemic started.

In order to have people notice what you’re selling, you need to think outside of the box in order to pique their interest.  At the same time, you need to be able to do this at scale because it’s not smart to put up a brick-and-mortar store these days since everyone purchases what they need (or want) from online stores. 

What better way to do this than to have funnels in place which can replace face-to-face engagements with videos that do the talking for you even while you’re asleep!

Having marketing funnels in place is an automated way to build relationships with your potential clients even before they buy from you and one way to achieve this is by having Quiz funnels in place. 

Quiz funnels will help you as the business owner to find out the “type” of product that is best suited for your potential clients based on their answers to your “quiz”. This greatly enhances your lead generation strategy because you have higher chance of knowing what people are actually looking for and being able to match it with what your current offerings are.

Not to mention, quiz funnels can be downright fun rather than just asking for their emails without even trying to get to know them the very first time you “e-meet” them!

While the process of building Quiz funnels may seem daunting, there are funnel builders that can help get the job done without all the unnecessary stress.

Introducing Bucket.io.

Bucket.io is hands down, the best Quiz funnel builder out there.

Behind the cutting-edge AI platform specifically designed to turn clicks into customers is data based on over 30 million users with 200 million data points!

To prove that these statements are not just exaggerations, below are the features that make this platform number one:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface

Say goodbye to coding and complicated builders, Bucket io’s Canvas enables you to build your entire quiz funnel in one place. You can either start building from scratch or use the pre-built templates already provided for ease of use. Whether it’s a one-question funnel or one with multiple questions, conditional branching logic, question scoring, and weightlifting, you can achieve all of these without having to deal with complex programs.

The templates that come with it are proven to convert given that these were built after analyzing around 12,000 different quiz funnels. Each template is fully customizable to your needs and specific preferences as a business owner.

  1. It comes with a Page Builder

Building funnels definitely requires various landing pages based on a person’s quiz responses and this is part of the Bucket.io platform. It’s also drag-and-drop and even if it’s SO easy to build pages using this feature – you can create various types of landing pages that are customized to your needs. From video pages to long-form sales letters, or e-commerce product pages, you can do all these with the built-in page builder inside Bucket.io!

  1. Works with everything that you’re using for your business

Email, SMS, shopping cart, or even a webinar – you get to integrate all these using Bucket.io. What does this exactly mean?

It simply means that all the data that you were able to gather from your potential or current clients can be pushed to these platforms which means that you can put the right offer in front of the right clients thereby increasing your chances of earning their trust, increasing your click and open rates which further translates to higher conversion rates!

If you’re using Kartra, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, or even Webinarjam…all of these work seamlessly with Bucket.io!  Not seeing yours in the list? Fret not because there are a dozen more integrations that can be done through Zapier.

  1. Numbers don’t lie

While a lot of us hated numbers when we were still studying – it has been proven time and again that numbers actually speak for themselves and a lot of high-ranking corporate executives would attest to this. These people who are usually the decision-makers rely heavily on numbers and data when making informed decisions for established companies and the same definitely applies when you are a business owner.

Bucket.io has built-in analytics that allows you to monitor drop-off and conversion rates per bucket which can go as granular as knowing which combination of answers yields the best conversions, which means it gives you A TON of useful information about your audience that you can turn into winning opportunities for your business.

  1. Compliance that enables you to serve people from all over the world

Bucket.io is GDPR compliant and at the same time supports multiple languages which give you unlimited opportunities to serve people from various parts of our planet!

  1. More details mean greater accuracy

Since the platform allows you to assign tags per question and response, this will give you much more information per segment and bucket compared to other quiz funnel builders. 

Having this feature will give you a higher accuracy rate when creating customized look-alike audiences as it provides you with laser focus targeting when it comes to segmenting your leads in order to offer them the product that suits them the most. The good thing about this is that you are not second-guessing them because your offer is primarily based on their needs, wants, and preferences that they freely gave you when they opted in your quiz funnel.

  1. It works with any kind of business

Whether you’re an E-commerce business owner or a coach with high ticket offers, Bucket.io can definitely support you! Given the flexibility of its built-in page builder, you can bring to life any type of page that your business requires. Even if you are fairly new to the software, there are built-in templates for every niche that you can think of so you definitely have something that you can start with and tweak as your deem necessary.

  1. Know EXACTLY what they want

With Bucket.io 2.0, it’s going to be A LOT easier for you to know what your target market really, REALLY wants using the discovery funnel feature. 

This feature allows you to ask potential (and even existing ones) open-ended questions which gives you a lot of valuable insights about them. You can use these responses to create and launch offers that they will surely buy because you already know that it’s what they want (or need) at the moment. They will definitely feel that you know them by heart thus immediately gaining their trust.

From professional templates to a funnel flow editor, a page builder, and segmentation built into your email service provider (ESP), Bucket.io will definitely make your quiz funnel creation easy yet super functional for you and your business. 

Still need proof that this is the best? Ryan Levesque – the bestselling author of “Ask” and “Choose” and is the man behind the Ask Method is the co-founder of this platform and he has used quiz funnels in over 23 markets! 

For now, access to Bucket.io is open only during the Quiz Funnel Masterclass – an annual event, or upon engaging Pollyanna Consulting to build a quiz for your business.

For more inquiries, please schedule a call here with us.

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