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Imagine investing time, money and energy to develop a product or service, but not having a roadmap to grow and engage your audience.

This is where we can help you:

By understanding the brand and the market you or your business serves, we can work out a content plan to help you attract and engage your ideal customers.

We help our clients identify the different profiles of their customers and place them into “buckets”. Segmentation of your audience is done through a structured framework.

We then launch your product or service with a quiz funnel and achieve more cost effective ROI.

Rest easy, we’ll help you define your strategy and audience, and take the guesswork out of marketing.

Our Work

We work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and course creators who are in the lifestyle, business management and personal development space.

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Have you a content marketing strategy in place? Are you and your team at a loss as to what to do to continually grow and engage your audience?

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Do you know what characterizes an ideal individual buyer or influencer for your business? How consistent is your targeting and messaging?

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Is it challenging for you to attract the right audience in order to market your product or service? How effective is the ROI on your ads?


If you are looking for help on any of the topics below, arrange for a no-obligation call with us to explore how we can help serve your business needs.

Content Marketing


Quiz Funnel

Email Marketing & Automation

Web Design

Project Management



We partner with Active Campaign, a CRM specialising in email and sales automation.

Active Campaign is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. It has an option to integrate with Shopify eCommerce stores* using their special deep data integration that allows you to segment and up-sell to your customers, keep track of abandoned carts and more.

*Shopify integration comes with Plus plan and above.

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Gist offers an all-in-one solution for live chat, email marketing, marketing automation, calendar scheduling, forms , knowledge base, and more.

This tool is ideal for small businesses and start ups. In fact, what you see on Pollyanna Consulting e.g. our chat bot, meeting scheduler and opt-in forms are all powered by Gist.

Why not give it a go? 


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